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Gulf-Africa Investment Conference 2010 - Conference Concept

The main purpose of the Conference is to formulate a set of policy recommendations that can promote and advance the multifaceted and growing ties between the GCC states and Africa. At this stage, the institutional relations between the GCC states and Africa are still in their infancy and as such it is necessary and vitally important to create opportunities to network and establish working opportunities. The Gulf-Africa Investment Conference will not only be able to highlight the key trends that are currently shaping Gulf-Africa relations but will also identify new and future prospects. The Conference will focus specifically on the various investment opportunities that are presenting themselves and will concentrate on the strategies required to turn initial plans into concrete actions. This also includes existing and newly developing economic sectors about which there is little information available or which have not been widely publicized. In all of these instances, the Gulf-Africa Investment Conference is a unique gathering that will add substance to much of the present rhetoric about Gulf-Africa ties.

The Gulf-Africa Investment Conference 2010 will consist of open plenary sessions, working groups focusing on particular investment opportunities, and a final Conference allowing for the different strategies to be brought together to formulate an action plan. The conference will be held over a day and a half period. While the open plenary sessions will provide the broad outlines for the conference, the working sessions will focus on the specific components of the growing economic and business relationship between the GCC states and Africa. Each session will be chaired by a moderator and will feature individual presentations outlining investment opportunities and business prospects. The Conference will conclude with a final wrap-up session with the intent to arrive at a common vision of how best to proceed with a relevant action plan for policy implementation.